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EVERLAST® ROOFSKIN–A Hi-tech composite leads the way

EVERLAST®ROOFSKIN, the long-life roof sealant of the future, has already set new standards in quality and performance. Wherever modern technology and optimum safety are joint requirements for a permanent roof seal, our product, EVERLAST®ROOFSKIN, is the favourite choice.
H. Blum
A synopsis of
the symposium
lecture given at the
STRECHY '93 in
Prague from 30th
November to 2nd
December, 1993.

EVERLAST ® ROOFSKIN - a new dimension in the durability of one-component roof sealing compounds.
By using EVERLAST®ROOFSKIN , the roofing specialist has a successfull and permanent solution to the majority of problems presented by the following:
  • renewal of old, leaking flat bitumen roofs
  • elimination of inadequate windproofing on cold roofs
  • renewal of roof seals on steel sheet sections
  • elimination of cracks in the roof edge areas on flat concrete roofs
  • renewal of crack formations in the 'puddle edge' area of flat bitumen roofs
  • prevention of water leakage on corrugated asbestos cement roofs
  • renewal of light dome joints on thermal roofs
  • elimination of roof damage with foam filled steel sheet sections
  • elimination of damage to roof skin due to shrinkage of plastic foam boards
  • elimination of roof damage due to water condensation
  • roof renewal on steel sheet sections

Innumerable clients are already successfully using EVERLAST® roofing system for their new roofs, because it is by far the most favourably priced permanent ROOF SKIN™ liquid plastic on the market.

H. Blum
Synopsis of the
lecture given to the
Roofing Trades' Guild
at the
held at Penzlin, Germany,
on April 3, 1991.