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Product Description Sheet
EVERLAST®ROOFSKIN´s performance walks ahead with superior technology. As a jointless, superior weather-and UV-resistant roof waterproofing and as a reliably permanent concrete protection coating. With an international track record spanning well over 12 years EVERLAST®ROOFSKIN offers to the roofer multiple times superior problem solutions for :
  • LEAKS: Leaks are impossible with EVERLAST®ROOFSKIN .To prove it, the manufacturer offers a guarantee of 12 years for the rain impermeability of the finished EVERLAST®ROOFSKIN coat! The hi-tech liquid elastomer component used for the EVERLAST®ROOFSKIN system forms a direct, indestructible bond with the undersurface. EVERLAST®ROOFSKIN systems are free of joints, seams, fixtures and other potentially weak areas where early failure can occur.
    Figure 1 , Figure 2 , Figure 3
  • DURABLE:EVERLAST®ROOKSIN offers levels of performance and reliability that are quite simply unsurpassed by conventional alternatives, they represent one of the most advanced and cost effective solutions to structural waterproofing currently available.Developed from space technology, its hi-tech component base facilitates accurate application in all fields of roof construction, maintenance and repair.
    Figure 4 , Figure 5, Figure 6, Figure 7, Figure 8
  • PROBLEM-FREE, economically and unsurpassed time-effective EVERLAST®ROOFSKIN seals smoothly each flat roof with complicated superstructures, difficult accessible corners with extensive protrusions in the roof .As a system applied cold EVERLAST®ROOFSKIN requires no torches, burner or other heating equipment and consequently avoids fire risk and related insurance costs.
    Figure 9, Figure 10, Figure 11
  • COST-EFFECTIVNESS since EVERLAST® ROOFSKIN is usually applied over the existing substrate, the removal of the deteriorated material is unnecessary, no need for temporary roofing and contract time is again kept to a minimum : Whether applied to private home or to a weekend bungalow
    Figure 12, Figure 13,
    For small firm or large-scale industry
    Figure 14, Figure 15,
    For in coastal climate or inland
    Figure 16, Figure 17,
  • CONCRETE + SANDSTONE EVERLAST®ROOFSKIN has exceptional resistance to all the common causes of deterioration including prolonged U.V.exposure and attack by agressive atmospheric chemicals. EVERLAST®ROOFSKIN is stretchable from 300% to 600% and is permeable to water vapour but forms a strong barrier against harmful industrial gases and liquid water .EVERLAST®ROOFSKIN therefore is a practice-proven weather protection and seals building structures made of concrete or sandstone :
    In hospitals
    Figure 18,
    In sports stadiums and preservation of valuable building fronts
    Figure 19, Figure 20,
    In the chemical industry and to the protection of bulk silos
    Figure 21, Figure 22,

  1. • TUV (GERMAN ) PERFORMANCE CERTIFICATE INSTITUT tested for durability and long life (Third party accreditation)
  2. • International track record spanning well over 12 years. Guaranteed rainproof for 12 years.
  3. • Contains no tar or bitumen
  4. • EVERLAST®ROOFSKIN can be worked all year round- even in sub-zero temperatures. EVERLAST®ROOFSKIN rapidly turns resistant to rain damage and may therefore be applied in relatively poor weather without any subsequent loss of performance or durability.
  5. • Extremely resilient, liquid single-component high performance elastomer which is worked on site and which forms a chemical bond with the undersurface.
  6. • Hardens in any thickness (to 600mm). Can cure under ponded water without formation of gas and foam.
  7. • As far as architects, roofing specialists and planning engineers are concerned, EVERLAST®ROOFSKIN as a liquid roofing system provides an economical and reliable alternative to complete roof replacement, avoiding removal of the existing roof structure or thermal insulation.
  8. • EVERLAST®ROOFSKIN ´s low temperature flexibility is outstanding • The elastomer has a glass-transition temperature of minus 56 deg Celsius (DIN 53 545)
  9. • EVERLAST®ROOFSKIN is spark- and fireproof (DIN 4102/B2) even with roof angles of 30 degrees
  10. • EVERLAST®ROOFSKIN withstands extreme ultra-violet radiation occuring in a hot and moist tropical climate. Installed, the system can withstand temperatures between - 40 deg C and + 150 deg Celsius
  11. • Huge savings in heating/refrigeration bills thanks to permanent reflection properties.
  12. • EVERLAST®ROOFSKIN roofs are maintenance-free, have a non-scuff weed-resistant surface and can be walked on.
  13. • Ready to use one-component product. You only need one base product, EVERLAST®ROOFSKIN for pouring, spraying, trowelling. • All edges and joints are 100% seamless.
  14. • Approx. 40% higher working speed. Work may be completed quietly and without disruption to activities within the underlying building, so working routines can continue unhindered and corresponding down-time costs are eliminated.
  15. • Professional inspection certificate available.

EVERLAST®ROOFSKIN provides a permanent elastic, seamless sealing layer for long-term waterproofing of roofing systems on the following building types :
  • factory and storage sheds
  • office buildings, schools, hospitals, etc. ,
  • residential estates, bungalows, garages, annexes, etc.

Repairs of corrugated asbestos roofs

  • Full surface coating means that asbestos roof surfaces are completely and permanently sealed, putting an immediate stop to asbestos particles being washed away.
  • Carcinogenic asbestos fibres can no langer spread into the air, rain or ground water.

Repairs to bitumen roofing felt roofs:

  • Treatment with EVERLAST®ROOFSKIN liquid roofing system seals corroded areas,ruptures and hairlines cracks.
  • Any subsequent new cracks are reliably absorbed by the permanent elastic properties of the material.
  • Awkward details and penetrations i.e. all roof upstands, and projections such as hand rail posts, roof parapets and ducts are protected against water ingress .
  • Forming a seamless, elastic, crack bridging membrane EVERLAST®ROOFSKIN encapsulates the substrate and all details such as drains , industrial ventilation pipes and double T-supporting beams without difficulty
  • Seamless embedding of domed roof-lights especially for lightweight roofs that are prone to large thermal expansion movement.

Corrosion protection and waterproofing of concrete and sandstone structures.

  • Prevention of salt water corrosion with motor way bridges
  • Preservation of sandstone structures against acid rain in urban and industrial cites.
  • Insulation of shelters, supply areas and control engineering quarters in hospitals and military defense installations.

A silver-coloured viscous liquid which uses atmospheric moisture to trigger the curing process. This high performance elastomer can cure under ponded water withoutformation of gas and foam. Pail with 20 kg net content.

SUPERPRIMER: Yellowish low viscosity adhesion promoter, free from any styrene, toluene ,xylene or similar harmful materials. Uses atmospheric moisture to trigger the curing process. Forms strong mechanical film with perfect adhesion to wood, PVC, felted bitumen, metals, plastiv sheets, concrete and bricks . Can with 20 kg net content

ORIGINAL EVERLAST®ACRYLIC-FLEECE was specially developed for this job. It provides effective reinforcement at all points subjected to particular strain.ACRYLIC-FLEECE forms a strong bond with the EVERLAST®ROOFSKIN elastomer, which is impervious to weather or ultra-violet radiation - thanks to a special molecular structure of the elastomer molecule.ORIGINAL EVERLAST®ACRYLIC-FLEECE with its unique properties makes it possible to forecast a roof-service life in excess of 25 years . Table 1

SHORT FIBER is a special surface-treated filler which is used to prepare "STICKY PASTE" or "TROWELLING MIX" from EVERLAST®ROOFSKIN .For details see section APPLICATION. PE-bags with 20 kg net content

TYPICAL CURING PROFILE EVERLAST®ROOFSKIN air-cures at any layer-thickness between 0.1 to 600 mm without problems.A coating of 1 to mm hardens overnight and can be further worked on the next day. During frost the total curing time may take up to 2 weeks.though this does not play a factor in the coating-quality of EVERLAST®ROOFSKIN.

SUPERPRIMER is applied in thin layers (150 bis 250 Gramm per square meter area). After 30 minutes to 1 hour they have air cured (sticky on finger ).

EVERLAST®ROOFSKIN was specially developed for difficult structional conditions and assures a permanent seal, even for hot, humid conditions or arctic ice.
Table 2
As you can see from the technical specifications, EVERLAST®ROOFSKIN is permanently waterproof but permeable to water vapour. Being highly elastic, EVERLAST®ROOFSKIN allows water to escape from the roof subsurface and thermal insulations function normally again!

Traditional plastic roof coatings rapidly lose the required elasticity when exposed to frost; they stiffen, lose their tensile strength and, in time, become brittle.This loss of ability to counteract constructional tension in the roof structure simply has to result in leaks and roof damage.

Experts know that there are very few plastic roof coatings that satisfy the technical demands set by construction engineers.They become brittle even under very slight frost. EVERLAST®ROOFSKIN has been "tailor made" for roofing conditions.Excellent low temperature flexibility has been obtained due to the specially planned molecular construction.
Table 3 .

  • EVERLAST®ROOFSKIN should be stored indoors in a dry place.
    Figure 24
    EVERLAST®ROOFSKIN liquid elastomer remains stable and ready for use up to 12 months, if unopened and stored in a cool place.After opening the drum, stir content thorougly before use.
  • SUPERPIMER should be stored indoors in a dry place.Please adhere to the Safety Data Sheets reagarding handling of the primer--> SAFETY

DATA RANGES The data contained herein may be reported as a typical value and/or range. Values are based on actual test data and are verified on a periodic basis

NOTE The data contained herein are furnished for information only and are believed to be reliable. We cannot assume responsibility for the results obtained by others over whose methods we have no control. It is the user's responsibility to determine suitability for the user's purpose of any production methods mentioned herein and to adopt such precautions as may be advisable for the protection of property and of persons against any hazards that may be involved in the handling and use thereof. In light of the foregoing, EVERLAST COMPOSITE Ltd specifically disclaims all warranties expressed or implied,including warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose, arising from sale or use of EVERLAST COMPOSITE Ltd’s products. EVERLAST COMPOSITE Ltd specifically disclaims any liability for consequential or incidental damages of any kind, including lost profits. The discussion herein of various processes or compositions is not to be interpreted as representation that they are free from domination of patents owned by others or as a license under any EVERLAST COMPOSITE Ltd patents that may cover such processes or compositions. We recommend that each prospective user test his proposed application before repetitive use, using this data as a guide. One or more European Union or foreign patents or patent applications may cover this product.

Table 1: ORIGINAL EVERLAST®ACRYLIC FLEECE, with its unique properties.
Table 2: This table gives you the technical details on the properties of EVERLAST®ROOFSKIN.
Table 3: EVERLAST®ROOFSKIN shows excellent low temperature flexibility

Figures Figure 1: Flatroof of a large residential building completely restored with EVERLAST®ROOFSKIN.
Figure 2: Flatroof permanently sealed using EVERLAST®ROOFSKIN .
Figure 3: Flatroof of office building at Kurfuerstendamm Berlin 10 years after restoring the old roof felt with EVERLAST®ROOFSKIN
Figure 5: Large flatroof , left picture before and, right picture: 5 years after the complete coating and sealing with EVERLAST®ROOFSKIN
Figure 6: Office building near Manchester (UK) left picture before and right picture after restoring the flatroof with EVERLAST®ROOFSKIN
Figure 7: Large factory flatroof with heavily damaged old roof felt left picture before and right picture after the complete sealing and restoring with EVERLAST®ROOFSKIN
Figure 8: Left picture: Old leaking roof with corrugated asbestos sheeting. Right picture. The same roof after being coated and sealed with EVERLAST®ROOFSKIN
Figure 9: Office building in the City of London. EVERLAST®ROOFSKIN perfectly sealed a complicated roof having installed heat exchangers..
Figure 10: All corners and roof upstands such as hand rail posts, vent pipes and ducts and other joints are easily sealed with EVERLAST®ROOFSKIN.
Figure 11: Office building in the City of London : Different surfaces and materials placed on an old felted roof are easily waterproofed with EVERLAST®ROOFSKIN
Figure 12: Flat roof perfectly sealed and waterproofed with EVERLAST®ROOFSKIN.
Figure 13: Small 15 year old concrete roof was (right) sealed and coated with EVERLAST®ROOFSKIN
Figure 14: Small mastic asphalt roof was permanently sealed using EVERLAST®ROOFSKIN
Figure 15: Left: Large industrial flat roof with old plastic sheets.Right. The same roof after being restored and sealed with EVERLAST®ROOFSKIN (United Kingdom)
Figure 16: EVERLAST®ROOFSKIN was the coating of choice for this warehouse located in the port of Hamburg,Germany
Figure 17: Figure 17 : The felted roof of this forwarding company near Prague was sealed and coated with EVERLAST®ROOFSKIN.
Figure 18: The durable, non-toxic and crack-bridging EVERLAST®ROOFSKIN in conjunction with SUPERPRIMER.
Figure 19: The concrete supporting structure seating area of this football stadion will last for many seasons
Figure 20: Conservation and waterproofing of sand-stone structures in the City of London with EVERLAST®ROOFSKIN.
Figure 21: Concrete-floor of a large chemical plant located in the UK , permanently sealed against deterioration with EVERLAST®ROOFSKIN.
Figure 22: Left: Large, strongly corroded steel-concrete storage unit. Right: The same unit after being protected by coating it with SUPERPRIMER plus EVERLAST®ROOFSKIN (UK location).
Figure 23: 2ß kg net drum with EVERLAST®ROOFSKIN.
Figure 24: Advices for the handling of EVERLAST®ROOFSKIN.

Existing regulations Waterproofing sytem manufacturer´s recommendations
Flat roof regulations.
DIN 18 338 regulations for roofing and roof sealing
DIN 4102 fire resistance of building materials